• 8 inch Wireless Non-contact automatic body temperature detection,Temperature measurement range 86~108.5(°F) Accuracy ± 1 (°F),Support interface docking in HTTP mode
  • Adopt dynamic face detection and tracking recognition algorithm based on video stream,Support local storage of 10,000 face libraries on the device,the accuracy of 1:N recognition is 99.7% under the condition that the false recognition rate is three out of ten thousand
  • Fast recognition speed:Face tracking and detection takes about 20ms,Face feature extraction takes about 200ms,Face comparison takes 0.2ms (1000 people base, multiple recognition takes the average), 0.5ms (10000 people base, multiple recognition takes the average)
  • Binocular with infrared light camera,Support for saving on-site photos during face recognition or stranger detection
  • Widely used in gate channel and access control attendance,such as Entrance and Exit of Office, Schools, Industry, Station, Hotels, Stores, Supermarkets, Security Departments and other Crowded Area,to achieve safe and efficient access control of personnel,which you could clearly know that you are in a safe environment

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