Night Vision PG2386IRC Turret Camera Review

PG2386IRC 4k colorvision

A lot of 4K PoE cameras on the market have pretty poor night vision, with many suffering from blurry images/loss of detail in low light. The Panoeagle NightVision PG2386IRC is an exception, with a relatively large image sensor, super-low aperture, in-built spotlight, and true WDR to get as much light into the lens as possible. This helps provide better picture clarity in low light or full darkness, which is usually when you need it most!

The Panoeagle PG2386IRC Turret Camera by Panoeagle boasts clear color night vision even in the darkest conditions.

Top Features

  • The Panoeagle NightVision PG2386IRC Turret Camera has color night vision at 4K ultra HD resolution.
  • AI technology allows the camera to recognize only humans and vehicles, thus reducing the number of false alarms.
  • The camera boasts a wide viewing angle of 118 degrees.
  • The Panoeagle NightVision PG2386IRC Turret Camera offers great picture quality, dynamic range, and AI-powered motion detection to avoid those annoying false alarms.
  • Illuminating at a minimum of 0.01 Lux, Panoeagle’s color vision technology is one of the best in the market right now. Combining that with a  1/2.8″ image sensor and ultra HD recording, it is safe to say that this camera will cover most of your surveillance needs.

Panoeagle PG2386IRC Decision-Making Factors

4K Resolution

4K resolution offers the highest clarity of picture, day or night. Clarity of night shots is one of the biggest issues security cameras struggle with. With colored recording in 4K resolution, high-quality night-time surveillance is made possible.  Additionally, with video processing like BLC, HLC, and digital noise reduction, you get pretty decent picture quality and color representation.

With its 2.8mm fixed focal length, this camera is best for wider surveillance with its large 118-degree diagonal field of view.

Color Night Vision & Spotlight

With an f/1.6 aperture, capturing colors in dim lighting has significantly improved. In addition, the camera also has a dual-LED spotlight that enhances infra-red images in darkness.

AI Smart Motion Notifications

With smart motion notifications, you can receive alerts when a person is trespassing, intruding on your property, entering your property, or exiting it. You can decide which areas the camera will alert you about and which regions count as your private property.

Additionally, AI algorithms can sense humans and vehicles, which is perfect for identity and license plate recognition and avoiding false alarms.

Build Quality & Weatherproofing

The camera is weather-resistant, meaning it can do as well outside as inside. With an IP67 rating, it will even work for up to 30 minutes when submerged in 1 meter of water. The body is built from the same durable aluminum as planes, making it resistant to impact and corrosion.

Image Sensor & Aperture

Panoeagle camera offers an f/1.6 aperture. So you can expect a much brighter and therefore detailed picture!

Image Enhancements

This camera features four image enhancement technologies! Each technology contributes to the clarity of the image. We are talking about True WDR, BLC, HLC, and 3D DNR technologies. With these technologies, you can expect bright and natural colors.

Audio Capture

The camera features noise-canceling audio that can pick up voices from as far as 20 feet away. Listen in on the conversations that are happening on your property without any of the ambient noises. Good sound gives you a better picture of the events that transpired in case of an emergency.


If you need to, you can access a 4K ultra HD live stream of your camera view using your device. Of course, that’s only needed on some rare occasions. Most of the time, you only need the footage that contains some sort of disturbance. You can also compress your footage into smaller files without compromising the 4K quality.

Open Standards –ONVIF

The camera supports ONVIF protocols. You can integrate it with any ONVIF-supporting video surveillance software.

Power Options

Power your camera through a PoE featuring an NVR/PoE injector. You can also use any regular outlet for a power supply to charge the camera. PoE and DC power both work for the Annke Panoeagle NightVision PG2386IRC Turret Camera.

Footage Recording – NVR

You can save your footage onto a 4K PoE NVR without any additional cloud storage fees.

The Cons

  1. No Optical Zoom: When choosing a high-end PoE camera, it’s usually a decision between full-color night vision and optical zoom. The NightVision delivers impressive nighttime picture quality at the expense of optical detail. That being said, with a 4K picture resolution, you still can digitally zoom in on subjects.
  2. No In-Built Speaker: While the PG2386IRC packs an integrated microphone, there is no integrated speaker. The removes the possibility of two-way audio with subjects or the ability to trigger a siren or alarm through the speaker. Not a massive deal, but would have been a nice feature.

The Panoeagle PG2386IRC Verdict

The Panoeagle NightVision PG2386IRC security camera is an excellent model for those who want to stay safe even at night. With color night vision technology, you can keep an eye out even when you’re sleeping. The camera will alert you when there is a disturbance using AI technology and not annoy you with false alarms.

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